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  June 3, 2001:

My last entry was right after my first appointment. This entry is on the eve of my second appointment. Twelve hours from now we should be hearing the heartbeat of our precious baby. And as of today I'm four full months along!

I figured it was time for an update here. One NAW member, Linda Dunn, has already inquired about my situation. I'm sure there might be more of you out there wondering where I am and what's up with me.

A lots been going on lately, and little to do with my uneventful pregnancy. The most exciting thing about my pregnancy that lately I've been feeling the little guy/gal moving about in there. I usually only feel him/her one time a day for a spell, if I'm lucky a bit more.

I first felt him (I say him because I strongly feel the little guy is a he, but we won't know until he arrives, and it's easier to say) on our vacation. I had been sitting down and bending over and I felt the first 'real' flutters. I thought I'd been feeling him before, but wasn't sure. The two times it happened on our vacation, I knew it was him. Then, when we came back from vacation, James took me to see "The Mummy Returns" ( Great movie! Except the plot mistakes bothered me. He didn't have that tattoo in the first movie, yet it was supposed to be there since he was a child, but it was still a good movie.) and at the loudest parts I felt him flutter at least three times! Since then I've been feeling him more often, but I'm still learning the difference between baby movements and other things moving about. For a long time I had muscle twitches and thought they were kicks, but I finally figured out the difference.

Other than feeling the movements, this pregnancy has been mostly uneventful. My midwife put me on a strict diet (no pasta, bread, potatoes or rice and sweets only one serving a week) so I feel healthier than I ever have and I'm not gaining weight. If I'm not on the diet though (I got off for vacation and also from before she put me on it), I'd shoot up almost ten pounds from where I am now! I'm not craving much, what I have craved have been: steak, bbq ribs, and cherries. I craved cherries for about two months and I recently found them in the stores here. We've gone through 3 bunches in the last two days and there's another bunch waiting to be eaten tomorrow (James ate one bunch).

Anyway, we went to Orlando for our vacation. I'll sum up by touching on the highlights. It was very expensive! But we got some deals by going to resort tours (which turned out that we didn't fit their profile and didn't have to take the tour, but still got some of the benefits). The best thing of the entire trip was getting to actually touch the dolphins at Sea World. That was my favorite part of the entire trip!

My cousin Bruce, who has downs syndrome, LOVED the Midieval Times Theatre. I've been there three times now and have loved it every time. They've made some changes in there show that kind of bothered me (who ever heard of laser lights in the midieval times?), but it was still cul! Bruce also enjoyed the rides at Old Town. Old Town is basically a touristy outdoor mall with rides and a few attractions like a haunted house. The nice people there let Bruce ride for free! He had a blast riding the kiddie rides that he could fit on.

As I mentioned before, James took me to see "The Mummy Returns" on Mother's Day. He also took me out to dinner TWICE! Once, lunch just for me, then dinner for my mom. I got ribs for lunch, and steak for dinner. The only problem was, Mom picked to go to Red Lobster (we had a \$20 gift card from one of our resort package deals, so it helped) and I've been having severe aversion to seafood. So there I was: forced to order steak and shrimp (James took the shrimp), Mom ordered crab legs, Bruce ordered salmon, and James ordered an appetizer, mushrooms stuffed with lobster and shrimp I think. I quickly lost my appetite, but managed to eat most of my dinner.

The aversion started when I gagged on some shrimp. I won't go into the details, I don't even want to think about it. That's the closest I've come to being sick during this pg.

Basically the only other thing that's going on is work. I've been working all through May planning the library's summer reading program. This past Friday was the first day. There was a smaller turnout than I expected (about 18-20), but I think the children really enjoyed it.

We had been asked to take a friend to the airport in Birmingham. We took her and decided to hang out for the day, do some maternity clothes shopping and then catch a Steeldogs game. In case you don't know (I wouldn't, if James hadn't gotten me intersted) Steeldogs play Arena football and it is really cul! We went to a game last year. We were late and showed up just before half-time. The game was not close at all. Steeldogs had been behind by a bunch, I think 20 or 30. They were playing the Arkansas Cyclones. In the 3rd and 4th quarters, the steeldogs pulled up to tie with the cyclones. As the last seconds ticked out, the steeldogs scored a field goal to win the game. It was awesome.

Last night's game wasn't quite that exciting. They were playing the Pensacola Baracudas. The first play, the dogs ran the kick back for a touchdown. Pretty much through out the entire game, they maintained a 15-20 point lead. I think they ended up winning by 15 points or so.

I didn't get into the game as much as I did last year. I think it was because there were men around me doing enough yelling for me. They were also drunk, which unnerved me, but, except for getting a slight headache from the man behind me, it was uneventful.

The shopping, however, was frustrating. If I thought it was difficult to find clothes in my size before, it is 20 times harder to find them now! Motherhood Maternity is about the only store I can find that carries a decent supply of clothes. The pants and shirts they have are fine, but I can't find a dress in my size that appeals to me. The only ones I can find in my size, and I've been to 3 of their stores, are drab black and gray ones. I'm going to be wearing them mostly through the summer and I don't want black dresses. That would be way too hot for Alabama's summers. I'm not sure what I'll do. Maybe I'll just live in the 3 that I have that are big enough for now. I've also thought about checking out some plus sizes and seeing how they'd fit.

The other thing that's been frustrating about this pg, is the emotional side of it. I've never been this emotional. I had to fight back tears everytime we went to a dolphin or whale show at Sea World. I also had to fight tears at the Football game last night. It hit during the singing of the national anthem on the line, "...gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there..." It brings tears to my eyes just typing that. It's really irritating! I also go though 'PMS' times where I'm grumpy. I can see bits of my old cycle in about a 2 week cycle that I have. I go through times where I don't want to do anything (sorta like how I feel during PMS times), there's also times where I get very hungry (that was also during a pre-PMS time), and I also get pimples during that cycle. The best part is that for most of the two week cycle, I feel better than I ever have, the low part is only for about 3 to 4 days.

Well, I better get some sleep, we have to leave at 3 AM in the morning. It's a pain having a midwife live so far away. Not just traveling to see her, but everyone asks me how the labor is going to work. I have to explain that Teresa is good at her job and can predict when it's getting close and that she'll come stay here for about a week or two before the labor starts. Besides, with first babies, the average labor for a first time mother lasts about 15 hours (I hope it won't last that long!) so she'll have plenty of time to get here. But now, I sleep. Good night all! TTFN!