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NAW Journals

  June 20, 2001:

I know what you're thinking, 'Wow! TWO entries in two days!' :)

I logged on to catch up on fellow NAWers (plus others') journals and decided to write another of my own. Some good things happened at work today and I really wanted to share them here.

My boss was very pleased with my fund-raising efforts (nearly $600!) that she decided to alter my office space. The were going to convert a small closet (10 feet long by 2 feet deep, yeah small) to a small workspace/storage space for me. But she decided that I deserved a bigger space. So, the said closet will be converted into a computer area for the children (complete with some book shelves for their few toys) and the old computer area (a small niche, about 5ft by 6 ft) will be my office! Whoohoo!

That, plus the fact that my most recent article (the 3rd for the library) in the newspaper actually got a by-line. Let me explain: The ladies at the library told me before that the editor never before put their by-lines even when they included them in the article. He took it upon himself to put in a by-line, including my title of Children's Librarian! It looks so awesome! I won't mention that they mispelled my name, but hey! Way cul!

Also, after the story hour today, one of the children asked me for more horse stories. I pointed out the Saddle Club series to her and I saw her eyes light up with delight! I also showed her the Black Stallion series and her remark was, "They look old." She did pick "The Island Stallion" out to read and I'm sure it was because it was the newest copy of the 10 or so Walter Farley books.

That's what I'd love to do, be there for the children to help them choose their books. I felt a thrill of excitement today when I saw that girls' eyes. It may get a bit stressful with all that I do, but I love my job!

With this recent series I'm reading, its keeping my mind on writing a bit. The author is from Alabama and the series is History/Christian/Romance (light on romance) and that's why I picked it up. As I read, I compare it to my one finished novel and realize where mine is lacking. My characters are shallow, while his are so real. His characters internalize more than mine do. Internalizing is my word for the characters thoughts. When you know more about what the character is thinking/remembering/feeling it helps you to know he or she better. I have a difficult time doing that. How am I supposed to know what a young man would think or do, I'm not one!

The other major thing I see is that all of his major characters have a story that is interwoven in the entire plot of the story. This makes for longer more interesting stories. In my novel I focus mainly on the two central characters and the others are just kinda there and are used when needed. I need to expand their stories more and help them add to the 'pig picture'.

I read the 'about the author' section. His father is also a writer and he collaborated with him on several novels before doing his first solo novel, "By Honor Bound" (The one I'm reading now is 2nd in the same series). I told James, that's what I need to do, find an established author, collaborate with him/her and learn how to plot and write a story. Heh, fat chance of that ever happening. I am tempted though, with this Alan Morris being only 3 hours away, to look him up and see if he'd be interested, but I doubt it. I guess I'll have to learn like the vast majority of writers and learn from editor's rejection slips.