Current reading:
"Wings of Healing", by Alan Morris
"Secret Texts 2: Vengence of Dragons", by Holly Lisle

Current work:
Misfit Magic (F short): plotting
Danielle's Rescue (H short): edited again 1500 words
The Wishers: (F short) Finished, getting crits.


NAW Journals

  July 12, 2001:

I've been thinking about writing again. Up until now, since I've been pregnant, I've been content with the: "I'm not writing now, but I will sometime in the future" rationale. I think it was because my brain is such a mess right now. I was really scatterbrained there for awhile. I couldn't even read fiction beyond juvenile books. But since I've been reading the Alan Morris series (which is still light fiction), my brain seems to have calmed some and is nearly back to 'normal'. So, I've been thinking about writing again.

First of all, I'm thinking of sending my story, "Danielle's Rescue" as is to the Writer's of the Future contest. It's been re-written and totally edited and although a critiquer suggested more editing, I think I'll send it on. I'm getting tired of the story, but I decided what is the point of writing if I'm continually polishing it and it never gets read? If it comes back from WotF, then I'll edit it and send it out somewhere else. But for now, it is as is and needs to get out there.

I've also been thinking about my novel. I'm toying with an idea to make it longer and yet cut out some of the boring stuff. I'm not sure if I can make it work, but I may try. I've decided to write the entire thing from the point of view of another character (or two) and then weave the chapters in. I was frustrated with the fact that all except my main character seemed flat to me. So, I thought the best way to flesh them out, was to write it from their pov. Maybe it will work.

I've also started reading more history non-fiction books. I'm trying to read some in the time period I writing in. I'm actually starting in the 1830's and plan to read all up until 1900. I checked out a speed reading video and trying to practice the techniques on reading these history books. I doubt I'll get much done until August when I'll have more time since I won't be working at the library so much.

Not much else is going on. I'm still working at the library on the Summer Reading Program for the kids. I'm enjoying it, all except the running around town in the heat. I have to ask local merchants for donations of the prizes. Some places ask me to return in a day or week, so it makes my job twice as hard. And the HEAT is unbearable!

Other news: A friend's hubby just annouced that she's having a baby! So our little ones will be two months apart! It'll be nice for this one to have a playmate. The only thing that bothers me is that this woman and I have complete opposite ideas about pregnancy and infant care after birth. I want to breast feed, she's fed her two children formula. I want to go a natural home birth, she's planning a cesearian. She's also planning to be at work 6-8 weeks after the baby is born. This one really irritates me because that time is so important for a child. The baby is going though a lot of growth in the first year and needs a stable environment. The don't need to be exposed to all the germs that day care has. They also need one nurturing parent around to teach them during those all important formative years. Anyway, I could go on and on. I'm not going to argue with her. It's her choice to do all that, it just breaks my heart for the baby.