Current reading:
"Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Coffer
"Secret Texts 2: Vengence of Dragons", by Holly Lisle

Current work:
Misfit Magic (F short): plotting
Danielle's Rescue (H short): edited again 1500 words
The Wishers: (F short) Finished, getting crits.


NAW Journals

  July 15, 2001:

9:45 PM

I'm considering re-doing my entire website. I'm bored with it as it is now and I've also come up with a better title of the place. I think this will be one I can live with longer than I have been. Don't expect anything really soon. I'm still very busy until August.

Speaking of busy. My midwife had to schedule my appointment for the morning. So, we get to leave here at 3 AM, see her at 9:30 EST and jet back home to be here for company arriving about 3 or 4 PM CST. James is in bed now since he has to drive and I don't really feel like going to sleep yet, so here I am.

After cleaning up in the kitchen, I thought I'd either use this time to either look for new backgrounds for the page and play with designs, or pull up "Danielle's Rescue" and get it ready to send to WotF. I suppose I should do the latter, since I know I'll end up doing the former sometime in the next month or two anyway. I'm bad about saying I'll send that story out, and then never doing it. Carpe Noctem, right?

10:10 PM

My attempts to get the manuscript in the mail have ended, for now. I've printed it out, in proper format, as well as a cover letter. But, I cannot find my labels for the addresses, nor the large envelopes to put it in. I've already gone into the bedroom twice in vain attempts to locate the needed items, I don't want to disturb James anymore. It'll have to wait until I have his help in looking for the stuff. He's so much better at it than I am. Actually, he's probably used my envelopes for his purposes, so I'll have to get more. And the labels I had printed up he probably used as return labels on bills or something. ::sigh:: In order to print more, I'll need his help, so uh-well. At least it is printed out.

I think I'll piddle around on web designs for a bit. Or, I could work on "Misfit Magic". I don't generally write at night though, my brain is freshest in the morning after breakfast and a walk. So, web design it is...

11:10 PM

I've found a lot of very cul web designs, but none fit what I was looking for. Maybe I'll try making my own graphics again and try making my own design. But for now. I'm tired. TTFN!