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NAW Journals

  July 27, 2001:

::sigh:: Weeks of work over in less than ten minutes. Our party for the summer reading program was today. I'm so glad it's over, now maybe I can think again. I think my brain is around here somewhere...

Speaking of scatter-brained: I have totally been forgetting to welcome our new NAWer's to the group. I've been enjoying reading Trey T.'s journal for quite sometime and have recently been enjoying Tim Pratt's and Michael Jasper's journals. Welcome to our newest members!

I decided to write an entry today, because I was reading in Lazette's journal about how people act in a discussion. It reminded me of a situation that happened a few months back on a bulletin board for women with babies due in November. A situation arose after one woman was appointed moderator. Several ladies had been doing fun threads weekly in an effort to get the group to know each other better and, well, have fun like the name implies.

This new moderator got all upset about it because these women were continuing to do their fun threads even after the host was appointed. Appearantly her feelings were hurt becuase she thought it was her job to do such things. I didn't see it that way. I didn't think much of it. These women were doing these things for several weeks already and they were simply continuing it. But the discussion went on and on! I knew pregnant women were more sensitive, but it was rediculous. I try my best to stay out of arguements like that. To me it's no big deal and I have trouble seeing what the issue is.

Another reason why I stay out of many arguments is because I see it from both points of view. I hear one persons arguement and I agree with them, but then the other makes valid points too. I'm very indecisive about things.

Although, I've noticed in many areas I'm changing my view about things. The other day James and I were discussing "Tales from the Crypt" (it's been on so much lately on Sci-fi channel). I used to enjoy watching it when I was a kid (if I didn't fall asleep, since it was on late at night), but I found myself completely not interested. James even flipped over there once and I realized the problem. That skeleton gets on my nerves. His voice is so annoying! I'd only heard it for a few seconds and immediately I said, "Yuck, change the channel." I think I would have rather watched a documentary on fungus than that! Although, the documentary would last the entire time, and that skeleton you'd only have to listen to at the beginning and at commercial breaks. I don't know, it might be a good trade off to not have to listen to him at all.

Well, soon James will be home and he'll be taking a bath to take me out for steak dinner! I've been craving steak again for at least a week and there is only one place in town that serves steak (actually 2, but we don't care for the other much) and although they have good chicken and ribs, their steak is very salty. And if I think it's salty, then it REALLY is salty.

Outback Steakhouse, here I come! :P