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NAW Journals

  July 30, 2001:

What a way to start off your day! So I get up, have a bit (not much) of breakfast and watch some tv. I bug James to get up and then head to the kitchen for a bigger meal. Down the hall I go and step into the den, off the carpet and all of a sudden squish! A mental image forms of a large spider under my heel. I look down, sure enough, there in the dimly lit room is a large spider, now curled in death. I can tell it's a big one, but it's to dark to see just how big. I hobble into the bathroom and clean up my heel, then step back into the den, turning on the light. A huge brown spider. The poor thing shouldn't have left it's web, or whatever home it has, er, had, this morning. The body on the monstrous thing is nearly an inch long! I wipe up the yucky carcass and carry it in to James. He says it was a wolf spider, but I thought they were hairier. This one didn't seem to have any hair, just two color brown with maybe some black markings on there. A common spider.

So, later we are heading out of the house so I can get some work done at the library while James cleans (he's been helping me out with the harder work, he's such a sweetie). And lookie what I find on the back of our car:

It was a buggy day today. :)

Well, my last news article for the year is finished and turned in. I wrote 9 articles this summer. At least that's some wordage for the last few months. My brain is still a jumble at the moment and it took me forever to get things straight in my head before I could do any work today. I still have more loose ends to tie up before I'm officially through. There was a mix-up in the t-shirt order and I didn't order enough. Now I'm facing a $15 fee to order less than the minimum amount. I also have to send some paperwork into the state of our stats for this year and what materials we'd like for next year. Hopefully the loose ends should be cleared up by the end of the week. Yeah!

Last night the baby was doing some crazy stuff. Usually he/she stays in about the same place, so I don't notice the shape of my belly changing. People tell me that I carry low. It is true, most of the 'pouchyness' is below the belly button. But last night, the baby was moving around and kicking quite a bit. Then I started feeling like my belly was very low, almost felt like I were dragging it around. Then, while I was sitting still, I felt more movements and kicking in different places. I stood up and felt huge! My tummy felt bigger out front than down low. Even James said he'd noticed a difference both times. Then, after some more sitting and moving and kicking around, when I got up to go to bed, my tummy felt back to 'normal'. Very weird. Then today, the baby was kicking and moving like crazy again! Some of the kicks were right to the front and so hard they were painful! I feel huge again today. I can't believe I have 3 months to get bigger! I've only gained 13 pounds, but I'm about to weigh more than I've ever weighed in my life!

Sorry, I'll quit whining now. :) I'll be glad when labor time has come and passed!