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NAW Journals

  August 1, 2001:

Yesterday I made a big mistake. My tummy was already a bit upset from eating some baked beans with my lunch, but then I went and put a big dinner on top of it. That really wouldn't have been so bad, but what I ate was the bad thing. Two grilled steak tacos (one with sour cream, one w/o), a 7-layer burrito and I helped James finish his grilled burritos. I was very uncomfortable for about three hours, then after I started feeling better, I had about 3 hours of acid indigestion. Not fun. So, I didn't get to sleep until after 2:30 on the couch. I got up and went to bed at 6:30 and slept until almost noon, but I did get up at 9 for an apple. I could tell at 6:30 that my tummy felt much better. I'm now being really careful that I don't do that again. Today it's all fruit and veggies. James went to get me a Subway salad right now.

Just as the worst of the gas pains started, we were in the theatre watching Final Fantasy. Despite the ache in my belly, I was able to enjoy the movie. While I don't agree with the Gaia theory, it was a good movie from a purely fictional viewpoint. There were several confusing plot developments and a slightly slow beginning, but other than that I liked the storyline.

I was impressed with the digital animation. We've come a long way in technology. It won't be long before you can't tell the difference. It was a bit distracting that the characters had jerky, non-human movements and plastic features, but some of the still shots of the people looked very real. It seems to me that they could have at least put a bit of five o'clock shadow on the men at times or dirty smudges on their faces. They just looked too plastic to me.

Today I'm being completely lazy. The laundry is piling up, the dishes are all over the counter, but, for today, I'm just not going to care. There's not much I want to do today. Mostly I've been watching tv. I just want a good break from it all.

We've got tickets paid for to bring my niece down this year from Oregon. She came last year for about a month. It was a unique experience having a 15 year old in the house. This year she'll be 16. James and I find it rather odd that she doesn't have her license yet, and she hasn't been bugging her mom to drive either. I'm glad. Hopefully she won't be bugging us to teach her then. It's a scary thought to imagine her behind the wheel. Not only is she a teenager, but she's also a blond (in the sterotypical sense of the word). When she get's her license, nowhere is safe. :)

Anyway, this year she's coming for about 3 weeks. Her school starts later than the ones here and we have her come just in time for her to go back and start school. This year, since I was working, I didn't get her ticket soon enough. They are cheaper if you buy them 2 weeks in advance, so it put her getting here later than usual.

This will be extra nice since now I have two places I can send her to when she gets on my nerves (although, honestly, there's not much she does to get on my nerves other than 'normal' teenage behavior). Her grandma now lives here and also she made a friend here the last week she was here last year. We'll probably see a lot less of her this time.

Oh, and last night, I got some maternity clothes, FREE! I've been shopping at Motherhood Maternity several times. Just about everytime, there's the same sales clerk there. Her name is Bonnie and we got to talking about how it is very hard to find clothes in my size and that every one I could find were a dark print. I wanted some pretty summer things, instead of all dark blue or black stuff. She mentioned that a friend of hers gave her a couple of outfits that she never wore because they were too big for her. She told me she would bring them to the store if I wanted them. We knew we were going to be in town last night and she happened to be working so we told her we'd come back for them. I tried them on there in case they didn't fit and I could give them back to her to give to someone else. I couldn't believe that they fit. A bit too big even! But, I've a lot of growing to do, plus I do have a sewing machine. One of them is a pink and white jumper dress and the other one is a dark blue pants outfit. I liked them both. I'm especially glad that they were a bit baggy since most of my clothes are starting to get small. The maternity dresses aren't tight, but I was hoping they'd be a bit bigger than they are at this point.

Yum, James is home with my salad, time to eat. TTFN! :)