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NAW Journals

  August 19, 2001:

I've been wanting to update here for awhile. It's been a busy week. We've traveled over 1700 miles this week. Went to Arkansas and back to pick up my niece, then yesterday we went to see my midwife for an appointment.

I was really very upset as we left Arkansas on Wednesday. 2 CD cases were stolen out of our car. Over $300 worth of music CD's and a few computer CD's for my laptop. I was really irritated over it. The wierd part was, one of the cases was under our portable CD player and one was on top. Our CD player was still there, but the CD's were gone. I'm glad we have our CD player, but now we have very few CD's to play in it. The only ones we have were the ones we didn't listen to often. Well, at least now people know what to get us for Christmas presents. :)

My appointement yesterday went fine. Everything normal. I talked to her awhile about labor since I thought I had started labor Thursday night for a few minutes. We'd been out of town for the evening and the entire trip back (1 1/2 hours) the baby was pressing on my bladder something awful. Then the moment we got home, he/she pushed lower, as if he/she were trying to come out of the birth canal. It was extremely painful for about ten or fifteen minutes. I wasn't having contractions, so I guessed I wasn't labor, but it was still a scary few minutes.

Other than the baby pushing around in there and swelling in my ankles, I have very few worries right now. I had some pretty bad back troubles but when I made an added trip to the chiropracter, he told me to walk twice a day. Since last Saturday, I've walked at least once a day and on two days I walked twice. I've felt extremely better both in my back and in my energy level. My weight is easier to control, although now I think, 'Hey, I was good today and walked, I can have a treat.' I did good and didn't eat anything bad until Friday night, but since then I have been eating too much bad stuff. Time to cut back again.

The swelling in my ankles has been why I haven't been updating here (sitting at the computer they swell like ballons). That and because either we've been traveling or it has been stormy and the computer has been off. I finally just moved the laptop into the living room and have gotten comfy on the couch. Now that there's a phone line in here, it is much better than sitting at the desk.

Everytime I update here, I've been having guilty pangs that I'm not writing. I want to, and I've been thinking about it and working on "Misfit Magic" but I just haven't forced myself to sit down and do it.

I'm now 30 weeks! I can't beleive it. Only ten weeks left. I'm starting to realize just how much work I have left to do. I'm working on a Winnie-the-pooh cross-stich picture that will include the baby's name and birthdate on it. I hope I can get it done. The house is still a mess and I wanted to get it one good cleaning before the baby comes. My niece will help me with a lot this week. We'll see how much we get done.