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  July 24, 2000:

Lots of stuff going on 'round here. I finished summer school. Yay! I'm almost ready to get my notebook computer. Yay! I'm checking on getting it today, but it may be next week, depending on taxes and fees. I found a new and better one on the 'net. It's a Compaq and I'm buying it through the local radio shack to get 6 months of our internet free. 566mhz, 64mgs of ram and a 56 modem for only $1098. Cul, huh? It only has a 12 inch screen, though. I wanted a 15 inch screen but those cost $1000 more and I'm running out of patience.

We got a deal on a digital camera for $59, but they sold out before we bought it, bummer. We did get a printer for my notebook for $39 (after rebate), so that's cul. Other toys I want to get are: a portable RWCD for the notebook, $250, and to network the desktop and notebook so we both can access internet on one phone line. Does anyone know how to do that cheap and easily?

I've been playing with our scanner, can you tell? :) James finally installed the card inside so it can work and I got it running with the software. It was working along fine and then I kept getting 'this program has performed an illegal function and will be shut down'. Stupid sick birds! When all that happens, it's as frustrating and terrifying as pulling teeth out of the mouth of a tiger. :)

The first pic was taken about 3 weeks after the accident. See the bruise on my right knee? It still looked pretty bad then. You can still see a faint shadow of a bruise on my knee and stomach now and it's been 3 months! My foot is much better. The tendonitus ache I had has been getting less frequent and less painful. Yeah! But it is still very sore if I try to turn the ankle, even a little. One more week and I'll be past the point when the doc said I can play basketball and stuff. I may try soon, being careful of course, but this heat has been horrible this summer.

I've also been playing with this web page (how obvious!) and more changes are coming, albeit slow.

The next month will be spent running around the country and visiting with my 15 year old niece (Hi Dwan!). We're picking her up at the airport today. It's going to be a fun, but busy time. We are planning on taking her to the beach (also visiting her cousin while we're there), maybe to some local zoos or other fun stuff, and finally to Nebraska to visit her grandma for two weeks! I promised Mom we'd come up for two weeks this year to help paint/fix up her house to get it ready to sell. I thought while Dwan was here would be a perfect time.

Well, I must get the house cleaned up a bit and ready for company. TTFN!