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NAW Journals

  July 30, 2000:

I have my new notebook! Whoohoo! It's sweeeeet! I can't believe it came in so quickly! I ordered it on Monday and it arrived on Thursday! I also got my new printer (Apollo P-1250i, basically a HP inside Apollo packaging) working with it. It's a nice printer for only $39.99 (after cash rebate).

One thing though, it's kinda a pain moving all of my files and programs. But it's nice having Microsoft Word 2000 (so far no problem with that, but I haven't tried to open any new files just yet).

It is taking a bit to get used to typing on the new keyboard too, but I'm getting the hang of it.

My niece, Dwan, is here now. Poor thing is neglected with me playing with my new toy. We've played a lot of games of LIFE and Clue, though. I wanted a new game to play on my new 'puter, so I bought one with LIFE, Clue and Monopoly. It was really neat, 'cause Wal-mart had LIFE for $19.99, or LIFE, Clue and Monopoly together for $9.99. I think it's the same version too.

I'm getting back into my writing this week. I've decided to do some revision on both novels. Since I have no clue what's happened or happening in Silver Star, I thought I'd just read it and edit it at the same time.

I've put a picture of a kimodo dragon here. You can't tell how big he is in the picure, but he is big. I'd say about 6 feet long! We are taking Dwan to Atlanta tomorrow and we'll be visiting that kimodo again.

We'll be out of town until sometime Tuesday, so don't expect another update until after that. TTFN!