January 17, 1999:Well, here I am, FINALLY putting up this January page. It has already been a long month and it's only about half over. I can't believe how fast it's flying by too.

I haven't done a lick of writing this year. I took a break the first week. Then, this past week I was busy. On Monday I was at work and James called me. He told me that the principal at the school called and wanted me to call him back. Remember that job I was talking about awhile back that I was trying to get? Well, the teacher that's pregnant was placed on bed rest. The principal asked me if I would sub for her the rest of the week. I told him I would and (just a little regretfully) told my employer. I miss Will. Babysitting him was a lot of fun. But I need this job right now for various reasons. She wasn't too upset about it, but decided to go ahead and find a full-time daycare place for him so I've officially lost that job.

The subbing went well. I have two forth grade and two fifth grade math classes. Also, one of the forth grades comes back in the afternoon for science. I really like the fourth grades. The fifth require more of a firm hand. One of the classes got really out of control on Thursday. I sent letters home to parents and called some of them that evening. The next day they were much better. Only one student acted up a bit and I immediately sent him out to the principal's office. He came back and didn't say a word, sat in his desk and took his test. The principal even came in twice while the entire class was completely silent taking the test.

The teacher is hoping to be back tomorrow. I'm half-expecting to be called though. We'll just see.

Oh, Silver Star is completely intact! Evidently Word put part of the document on my computer and part on the disk. When I tried to open it on another computer, it couldn't open it because it didn't have all the info. That's what a computer programmer friend of my said. Seems weird that a program would do that. I'm worried that if our computer crashes, even if the file is on a disk, it will still be useless to me. I guess I should save it as .txt or something. Anyway, I'm just glad the file is not messed up like I thought.

In the process of trying to 'fix' the disk, we bought McAffee Utilites. That program caused more problems with our 'puter than anything I've ever seen! For a while we couldn't access e-mail. I was really frustrated. Finally we called customer service and got them to do a complete uninstall (we ran uninstall, but there was A LOT more on our 'puter). Anyway, the program is off, awaiting to get our money back, and things are pretty much back to normal. I don't think it's a bad program in and of itself. Maybe in the set up I told it something I shouldn't have. There was a bunch of stuff it asked and I was like, 'Huh?'

Other news: No Pokemon game. :( James talked me out of it. He says he doesn't like anything that makes kids go crazy over. Like beanie babies, we don't have any. Not that I mind about that. I also realized that if I'd gotten the $23 game, it would have been sitting collecting dust after 2 weeks to a month. So, I resurrected my Game Boy and started playing my Final Fantasy game instead. In the last week I've managed to complete a lot of the game. I'm about to go into the final dungeon, then I guess I'll have to track down Odin and get the MAGI he stole from me. I imagine that will end the game. We'll see.

Started an awesome new book: SPHINX, by Robin Cook. I couldn't put it down last night. Those of you who read my journal before know that I love Egypt history and culture. I also like Robin Cook's books. I listened to another one on tape, Contagion. I really liked it, but not really interested in reading many other of his medical thrillers. Not at the moment anyway. SPHINX attracted me because the main caracter is an egyptologist and it's about the 'curse' of King Tut.

Sorry for the long entry. It's just been so long since I updated. Thanks for reading all of this. :) Not sure when I'll update again. Depends on this job. When I'm teaching, I feel completely drained and unable to do much of anything. Maybe if I'm doing it full-time I'll be more used to it. We'll see. TTFN!