December 1999

December 7: Finally taking the time to put this up. Time this month is an unknown. It's gonna be busy, busy, busy. I won't go in detail on what's going on, but one thing I do want to mention is: I'm going to apply tomorrow for a teaching job. I got a phone call today that there will be a maternity leave open starting in about six weeks. She'll be out the rest of the year. I'm going to try for it, but with my track record, I'm not expecting it. It would be 4th grade math. My favorite grade, but not exactly my favorite subject. Although 4th grade math isn't hard. Wish me luck!

Writerly news: The 23k by Y2K is going well. 18, 969 left. I'm doing good here lately doing 1000 a day. I'm going to do my best to do this daily. I've discovered that when I think I'm stuck, if I'll sit down at the computer and pull up the file, I'll get unstuck in less than ten minutes. 1031 today, making SS's total now 12279.

Not sure when I'll post again. Hopefully it will be with good news, both in the writerly life and the career life! :) TTFN!

December 24: No real good news on the job possibility. I met with the Superintendent again, seemed to have a good interview. He even had me meet with the principal that day. The principal seemed to like me, but he gives everyone the feeling that he doesn't like them. I felt better this time about meeting with him, but I'm still not sure if I'll get the job or not. Also, I have the backing of one of the board members. It pays to have connections. I probably won't know anything until sometime in January.

December has been a busy, busy month! I've had so much going on that it's hard to keep my head screwed on straight! Right now we are at my mom's in Nebraska and had a good Christmas (despite the fact that our catered dinner was frozen when we picked it up today and we didn't know it. Set our dinner back two hours.).

We really surprised my mom. She didn't know we were coming at all. Plus my brother came today and she had no idea he was coming either. It was so cul when I walked into the bookstore/music store where mom works. I walked up to her and said, "Excuse me, I'm looking for a present for my mom." I don't think she even heard me though, she hugged me for about a full minute and started crying. I was beginning to think that I shouldn't have come into her workplace. :) It was fun surprising her. :)

The writing had to be given up soon after I updated last. I still have just under 18k left to go. Doesn't look like I'll make it. Uh-well, I made some effort anyway. I believe I had almost 6k done this month by the 10th. I have about 1k left to add to my word counts on the main page and stats page, but I don't have it here with me.

Well, I better go out and be social. Maybe I'll post again here when we get home before New Years. If not, I hope Y2K won't be too disasterous on you and yours. ;)

December 27: Later that day update:Woohoo! I believe I broke a record today. I added 2375 words to what I had earlier for a whopping 4043 total for today! This output is unbelieveable for me. I just hope I can keep it up over at least three of the next four days so I can make my goal by Friday midnight.

I forgot to mention the other day that while out shopping I played Pokemon. Walmart had a game boy where you could play it, so I stole a few minutes from shopping to play the thing that's gotten so many people in an uproar. It looked cul. I decided not to play it longer than a few minutes or I'd take up my entire shopping time playing it. I want the game now. When I told James about it, his eyes rolled back into his head and he groaned. I told him I don't want anything but the game, but he doesn't believe me. Just to make him irritated, when we're out shopping or see Pokemon stuff some where, I get excited and shout 'Pokemon!' Heheheh, he hates it. I suppose, if I really want the game I shouldn't bug him, but it's so much fun! I told him that if he wants Star Trek: Insurrection, that I get the Pokemon game. He's trying to talk me out of it, saying in a few weeks I wouldn't even look at the game. That might be true, but still, I gotta say it, "I choose you!" :)

I've decided to make an all out 'go for it' plunge. Yesterday I still had nearly 18k left on the 23K by Y2K. Now I have less than 14.5K. :) I'm reaching for 3k per day from today on out. I just finished adding 1668 today and plan on doing it again before bed. I probably won't update here again until I'm finished on Friday, so that I can spend my time writing. I will update sometime Friday evening, hopefully the Y2K bug won't be too bad that we all can't log back on come 2000. Sometimes I think it will be disasterous and sometimes I think how silly we all are being about it all. I guess we'll know come Saturday morning. :) TTFN!

December 31: It's after midnight here. I guess all the paranoia about the Y2K was unwarrented, at least so far.


I have some great news to report. As of 11:45 PM, I completed my 23K by Y2K deadline! I completed the last 350 words needed (actually wrote nearly 500, so I'm over what I needed by about 125 words). So, I give myself a great big pat on the back. I broke a weekly total record. Here's the breakdown for each day this week:

Sunday: 1629

Monday: 4043

Tuesday: 2294

Wednesday: 3583

Thursday: 3828

Friday: 2522

Week total: 17,899

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would pull it off. I knew I could, if I put my mind to it, but I didn't know if I would go through with it. I'm pretty proud of myself. :)

I do have some bad news though. Today we left home to go to James' parents house in Arkansas. I broght the disk that Silver Star is on with me. I think, since I had the disk in a bag with my personal stereo, that the batteries damaged the file. Word will not let me get into it to look at the damage fully, but I do know that it is damaged. I'm not at my own computer to try to bring it up in an alternate program. I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to see what's up with it. I do have a back up file at home, but not a current one. I think I might be out 10k, I'm not sure exactly. I'm pretty upset over it. I could have left the disk at home, or made a back up anytime up until we left, or I could have not put it in the bag with the stereo. ::sigh:: Uh-well. We'll call a 'puter 'expert' in town on Monday and see if he could retrieve a temp file from the hard drive or possibly from the disk. One thing that really bugs me is that one file on the disk opened with no problems at all. Uh-well, I'll just have to deal with it and learn to make more frequent back-ups.

Not sure when I'll make a January page and post again. Maybe Sunday, we'll see. I think I'll take next week off from writing, I deserve it. Oh, and I have two days off next week, so I'll be free Thursday, Friday and Saturday! On second thought, maybe I will do some writing. ;)

I'm glad that I did this deadline thing, Silver Star really grew doing that, it's now over 31K (minus the destroyed portions now, ::sigh::).



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