"There can be no victories without battles.
There can be no peaks without valleys.
There can be no roses without thorns."
Author Unknown

Being a writer is a difficult task. A year ago, I plunged in head first into writing and completed my first novel in 44 days. Several people have asked me since then how I started writing. Basically I read a lot and my mind began thinking of my own stories. I dabbled in research for one particular idea for about a year and kept saying that I would write it one day. Finally I decided that if I was ever going to write a novel, I'd just have to do it. And that is just what I did. Writing is the easier part for me, editing is the nearly impossible task. Now, after one year of writing, I have one completed one inspirational romance novel and over half a dozen fantasy/sci-fi short stories.

Before I began writing, I had completed college and gained a degree in Elementary Education. After several bad experiences substituting I realized that I could not teach in the public schools at this time. Teaching in today's society is an arduous task and any person able to teach has my respect. I had a job at a grocery store for two years and have recently started babysitting. The baby I care for is now eight months old and a real sweetie! I also help keep their house clean while I babysit full-time.

I have been married since 1994 and am wonderfully happy. Hopefully in one more year our family will grow. ;)

I enjoy tinkering on our computer and have even created these web pages myself. I also very much enjoy spending time with my husband, my dog and my iguana.

The most important thing about me is that I'm a Christian. I owe everything in my life to God, and I am very blessed.